Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Day

It's been way too long since I've posted anything here, but since we had a fun activity today and I took pictures, you all are in luck. 
I had taken the kids to the beach earlier this week and had really enjoyed it. So much that when today rolled around, we thought that it would make a nice family outing. 
There weren't many people there as the beach we went to doesn't have much in the way of waves, but we found fun in other ways. 
We played in the water, 
we played in the sand, 
and we enjoyed the sun.
 It was a very nice day. 

P.S. I have some video of the boys but I can't figure out how to load it. Just know that it was a cute and showed them jumping off a big pile of sand. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Photos 2012

It's always hard to chose when there are so many great options. Here are a few of our new family photos. It took me forever to get them scheduled (they are our first with Rosie and she is over a year and a half now) but I love how they turned out. I'll be making copies for the grandparents (hope you don't mind knowing what your Christmas present is) and for Randy's mom, just as soon as I pick my favorite. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer, Day ?

So, I'm really far behind with posting and I don't even remember half of what we've done. I think I'll give up on the everyday post (it would start to get really boring anyway) and just post when I've got pictures or something interesting. Sounds good? Thanks
To continue with the vacation log, the next day we were supposed to go to a park with the cousins and play in the water feature there, but the oldest cousin and I weren't feeling very well. Instead we took it easy in the morning and then got together for dinner when everyone was feeling better. The kids had fun playing together, eating together, and just getting to know each other. It was a nice relaxing day.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer, Day 13

Our adventure today was to Black Chasm Cavern, a set of caves about an hour away from G&G. The tour was interesting and the rock formations beautiful, although I probably didn't appreciate them very well as I was more concerned with a wiggly toddler. I hope to go back in a few years when Rosie is older and they have developed the caves more. The caves have been open to the public for only a few years now and the trail only goes about 1/8th of the way in. The company running the cave tours has some great plans for expanding the tour.
After the tour, Grandma bought the kids a couple bags of dirt that we're seeded with some little bits if semi-precious stones so that everyone could try panning. Nathan had a really good time with his portion and he and his cousin even spent a bit of time going over every else's leftovers looking for little stones they left behind. Josh kept us worried by exploring the surrounding area with his youngest cousin, Camdan. And Rosie was happy just playing in the dirt.
On the way home we stopped at a place called Indian Grinding Rock, a traditional gathering spot for the native American tribe of the area. Unfortunately the museum was closed for the day, but we did walk around and see several of the outdoor displays. It was an informative and busy day.

Summer, Day 12

Our main plan for today had been to go to church with Grandma & Grandpa but Nathan ended up being sick during the night. So instead we stayed home and took it easy until Nathan felt better. Then we played outside and with Grandma's toys until the cousins came over for dinner. It ended up a nice day but we definitely needed to leave the house the next day. The kids were getting a little stir crazy.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer, Day 11

Going to Grandma's! We'd been looking forward to this trip for months. The only bad part was that Richard wasn't coming. He had to stay home to work. The trip there was nice and uneventful. We made only one stop for gas and a bathroom break and Rosie slept most of the way. We even surprised Grandma & Grandpa by being an hour earlier than expected. Not a bad trip.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer, Day 10

My fun summer activity today was dinner with my husband and two good friends. James was in town visiting family and Mezzie was acting as his chauffeur for the night. James, living in Kansas, hadn't had any good Filipino food in a long time so we went to Jeepney Asian Grill. So yummy. We had a great time talking and only left because the live music was getting a little too enthusiastic and making it impossible to keep a conversation going. I feel silly now that I didn't get a picture as we don't get together very often now.
Missed you Mishel.